Once again the air is safe… maybe

I keep a small bottle of advil in my shoulderbag, but on my way up to the security line I worried – even if they’re actually pills, is a label loudly proclaiming LIQUID going to be like waving a red flag under the bull of airport security?

I should have been more worried about properly empting my pockets when I checked my luggage – I forgot to remove my 2 inch pocketknife, which they took from me. I’d been told – wrongly – that the guidelines had changed and a penknife that small was acceptable. Nope. “Scissors up to 4 inches, no knives.”

That makes sense somewhere I’m sure – after all, if I attack someone with my approved scissors or knitting needles we want to make sure I can reach their brain. The cruddy little 1.5″ knife on my knife would seriously scratch someone at the worst.

The positive side of the story is that when I couldn’t get the molecularly-bonded packet of peanuts pretzels open, no matter how hard I struggled, I still had my ibuprofin to dull the tension headache.

Perhaps I’ll re-purchase my knife it when it’s auctioned off.

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