Stop in the Name of National Stop on Red Week!

If you’re a commuter in the DC area, surely you saw the signs as you inched down the Beltway last week for National Stop On Red Week. Maybe I’m alone here, but the concept of having only one week for such a milestone of motorist safety isn’t exactly sufficient. Shouldn’t every week be National Stop on Red Week?

Even worse, DC’s finest are being rewarded for their efforts in light-running prevention during this very special week in the District. Why should they be rewarded for doing their job? I mean, I’ve thought many times in my formative years “shouldn’t you be out stopping crime instead of breaking up this party?” And by formative years, I mean last weekend–but nonetheless, surely you share my sentiment.

Check out what kills me after the jump.

What always kills me are the reports about how traffic cameras have drastically improved the traffic violations in the district. (the second half of that sentence should be read in a huffy policeofficerman voice, for effect.) Of course they have, people will do almost anything if they think they can get away with it! During my short tryst in Richmond, the Five-Oh had this really crafty trick where they would park an empty cruiser on the side of the road. You’d be shocked to see how efficient this is for slowing traffic, I’m still baffled that the locals haven’t caught onto their games yet.

I grew up in the Northern Virginia Public School system where, in my humble opinion, the Driver’s Education program is second to none. Well, I know it’s better than Maryland’s anyway. (Can I get a what-what from everyone who thinks Maryland can’t drive?!) We were taught that “yellow means red in Virginia.” Now I can’t speak for everyone, but that has always stuck with me. I can’t say I’m not guilty of running a yellow light or two, but I am still well aware of the concept of the yellow light. No, it does not mean speed up, I don’t care what your stoner brother told you when you were 15.

I’m not marchin’ on the Mall here, all I’m trying to say is: Stop on Red Week should be every week. By giving an important thing only a short period of recognition, you’re only sacrificing the integrity of the law when that timeframe is over. My Christian brothers and sisters, I know you feel me on this, think: Lent. How you gonna give up chocolate for only forty days? I gave up brussel sprouts when I was 7, and I’ve never had another one since. That’s dedication.

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  1. Smouie Kablooie (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 7:55 pm

    I will second the motion that MD and DC drivers are much worse than VA drivers… but we’re all a hell-of-a-lot worse than CA drivers.

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