This takes confidence

I’m always impressed at the confidence people show when they drive these classic cars around in regular traffic. Not in themselves – everyone thinks they’re a pretty good driver, even (particularly?) when they’re not. I mean confidence in the rest of you clowns. Personally I always expect my fellow drivers to do something stupid and I’m not often let down: weaving back and forth so they can get to the red light a whole 3 seconds before me, changing lanes without signaling, and, my personal favorite, honking at anyone who doesn’t turn right on red agressively enough to suit them.

I always enjoy the sight of these brave folk gambling their expensive – and safety-feature light – classic vehicles out on the open road. It’s nice to see that they enjoy using these vintage machines, not just peering at them in a garage, immobile, like some giant metal and rubber butterfly in a case. I know I enjoy seeing them.

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