National Emergency Rally

Just got back from the National Emergency Rally held at Lafayette Park, protesting Israeli aggression in Lebanon. My photo set is here.

I did walk away feeling like the organizers did little to separate the issue of Lebanon from that of Palestine. That’s not too hard of a stretch to make, however, my mind did wander as soon as they made mention of Cuba. Not to be rude, but that’s not necessarily an issue that is as pressing to Arab Americans at this particular moment. Yes, I understand the concept of the United States blackballing a regime simply because it has the gumption to stand up to Wall Street and Washington ought to resonate with those of us from the Middle East, but time and place, everything has it’s time and place.

All in all, this rally probably lost a lot of its fire since the UN passed Reolution 1701, but in my mind it was still worth having just in case that gets ignored by the major players.

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