Pimping to the Capitol Police

Last week I wrote about the hardest working man in PG County, Aaron J. Burroughs, a pimp who had four jobs: bus driver, football coach, pimp, and drug dealer.

If you checked out the post recently, you’ll know two interesting factoids about him. Andrew writes that Mr. Burroughs was a volunteer coach at Bowie High School and should not be considered typical of the coaching staff there. Volunteer or not, I still count that as a job, though the Hedleys would disagree.

Then Tiffany says she dated Aaron back in 1989 when a freshman at Bowie High and to quote her:

He played football and was a very nice guy! He met my parents on several occasions and they loved him! He was from a good family and had strong family values.

Lucky for her, she went another way. No one looks good married to a pimp.

PG Pimp Burroughs is not looking good today either. The WashPost is reporting that the PG Pimp was selling tricks to the Capitol Police. Sergeant Michael Malloy of the U.S. Capitol Police was charged with child sexual abuse, accused of videotaping a pay-to-play session with the 15-year-old girl Burroughs was pimping out. Oddly, the Sergeant has a reverse-Clinton definition of child sexual abuse. To quote the Post:

Malloy told investigators that he had known Burroughs since seventh grade, and he acknowledged having sex with the teenager in his house, according to the charging document. But Malloy denied the allegation that he had oral sex with the girl in the District.

Whoa now! You admit to banging an underage ho for cash yet you deny a blow job? Hello, Mr. Policeman, you need to stop taking the lead from Aaron who, while driving a Range Rover, is claiming public defender poverty.

If you’re gonna admit to “having sexual relations with that girl”, go blow job not porn video.

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