Love for the Radio Guys

I didn’t always feel this way. When I heard Charlie Slowes and Dave Shea in Spring Training last year, I wasn’t sure that they were the right men for the job, and it frustrated me. Neither of them seemed to have any character in those early games. It was like listening to paint dry, only without the excitement. Then, one day, the Nats won a game and Charlie tried something I’m sure he’d thought about for a while. He just cut loose, his voice crescendoing, “BANG! ZOOM! There go the fireworks!” as Nick Johnson rounded the bases on a homerun.

Instantly, a catch-phrase was born.

Since then, Dave Shea was unceremoniously replaced with Dave Jagler, and the Nats aren’t quite at the same apex as they were this time last year, but one phrase remains, and though Bud Selig himself may track me down and sue me, I insist on recounting part of this copyrighted broadcast without the written permission of the office of the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Tonight it was Bang! Zoom! There go the fireworks! Another curly W is in the books for the Nationals!

Thank you, Charlie, for giving me something to really enjoy when the Nats cap off another win, like they did over the Phillies. 7 of 8. 8 of 11. 12 of 16. I look forward to tomorrow night’s game, and yet another curly W.

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