DC Disillusionment

As much as DC has been home to sweeping dramas of grand scale and grander intentions, this city often inflicts a heavy toll on the people who come here bright-eyed and idealistic. They come to DC to work for the government, to aid their fellow citizens, and before long their hopes and dreams are crushed beneath the boot of the bureaucracy, sucking the life out of them slowly. It’s not the province of just our government to disillusion, though, so can government contracting, working near K Street, or even just staring over and over and over again at the Capitol.

In years like these, when the NSA is actively tapping major phone trunks and data trunks, when we’ve had so many turning points in Iraq, we’re three times around the block now, and when all is looking deep and depressing, surely there must be a remedy to help us cope?

Drinking on U Street? The Jefferson Memorial? Iwo Jima? The fountain by World Bank? The Capitol? Leaving town for a week or six?

What makes you feel better when all you see in DC is hazy and jaded?

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