Barry and Orange Make Selig Tip Hand?

Marion Barry and Vincent Orange got all pissy the other day, held a press conference and basically made it out to be that the Lerner family was “renting blacks” in order to complete the bid process for the Nationals. In essence, they were hoping to sink the Lerner bid in favor of the Smulyan bid (do they have minority investors?) or the Malek & Zients bid (who has Vernon Jordan on board. And Colin Powell.)

Mayor for Life Barry, though, forgot to study up on Bud Selig. As Chris Needham at Capitol Punishment wrote: “It didn’t work then, and it didn’t work now. Bud Selig is many things. But he will not be bullied.” Bud may be the worst thing to happen to baseball, ever, and that does include “The Cream” and “The Clear”, but there’s one thing he won’t do and that’s cow to two grandstanding politicians like Orange and Barry. Remember when Marion tried this happy horseshit with the stadium? Didn’t work then either.

Sorry Marion. You just can’t outbully Bud Selig.

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