DC Tax Day Special

Are you madly filling out your tax forms today? Maybe you’re even thinking you’ll need to run home for those forgotten W-4’s. Or you could’ve done it all online and are waiting to the last minute to pay. We here at DC Metroblogging would like to give you a tax-day gift: One extra day to file & if needed, pay.

“One extra day!” you say? “How can this be?”

This year the IRS, in their infinite wisdom, moved the filing address for the District of Columbia, from Philadelphia, PA, where its been for years to Andover Mass. And Massachusetts, in their own infinite wisdom, celebrates this day as the state holiday Patriot’s Day in honor of the American Revolutionary battles at Lexington and Concord. So that means we have until April 18th to file and/or pay because the Andover IRS processing center will be observing the state holiday today.

Now might this change in address and the corresponding day reprieve have anything to do with the recent The Tax Foundation study on taxpayer burdens? The one that found DC tied with New York and just behind Maine as the most tax burdened states in America with an average 12.80% total state and local tax burden for 2006? Or that on average, DC residents are paying the most each nationwide, $8,092 of our can’t commuter-tax MD/VA incomes?

Waddya think, DC? Might it be that we’re just that special, just a coincidence, or are we getting some well-deserved IRS loving?

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