DC is on top of the world… well, almost

According to this Washington Business Journal article, our area’s gross regional product in 2005 was $246.8 billion, leaving us in second place GLOBALLY, behind only Tokyo. Of course, the article pointed out that Tokyo also has 4 times the population of the Greater Washington DC/Baltimore metro area, so one could expect more gross product by a larger group of people. That’s actually quite an accomplishment for our city. So… who says record government spending isn’t good for the economy, especially ours?

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  1. JUD (unregistered) on April 13th, 2006 @ 6:24 pm

    I do believe that government spending does get around, so some government spending is good. Too much can be bad, but too little can be mush worse.

    They say that each dollar the government spends goes around 7 times.
    So that means 7 people touch it, 7 people pay tax back to the government with it, so spending is not all that bad.

    More jobs comes from spending of course. I do think less taxes less spending and letting people keep their own money is probably the best way though.

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