Jesus Hates Carrots

Just to follow up on Tom’s earlier entry, “A Town of Backrooms“, I have to say that the University Club is one damn fine back room. Plush, comfortable, all exclusive-feeling, even if you’re the peasant tag-along. If you ever get an invite for an event at the U-Club, do not pass “go” – head directly there.

In this morning’s Washington Post Reliable Source, Roxanne Roberts covered the night’s festivities. And yes, Ferguson can slice a carrot in half with a playing card. It’s freakish. The video is below the fold.

By the way – am I the only one that thinks it a bit funny that the bill these guys were in town to fight against is “HR 4777”?

**Note: for my day job, I work at Edelman Public Relations here in DC. When bloggers have clients, there’s always some tension about what you can write, what you should say, etc. You’ll never see me writing things I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in, but my position sometimes gives me a little more information that I otherwise would. In short – if I ever write a post wherein I know I have a client interest involved – I’ll post a little disclosure note. Like this one:

[Disclosure:I have a professional client interest involved in poker]

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