(No) Smoking Scene

“Um, can you go outside with that?” the bartender sheepishly asked as my husband lit up.

We were lounging about in the convivial Science Club, one of my new favorite bars. Or is it a restaurant? That’s the question of the hour – for this legal delineation now controls the thought uppermost in the minds of DC smokers – where can I go?

Though we may think everyone is clued into the ban, apparently not. The owner found out about it on the news the day the ban began. There was some confusion over who exactly is covered under this first phase – the consensus of the happy hour crew was that it depended on whether you had a restaurant license or a bar license. This isn’t immediately apparent to patrons, as some establishments you think are bars that serve food have a restaurant license, while others have a bar license. Think for a moment about your favorite watering holes and see if you can categorize them correctly – sometimes the type of license depends on the zoning. For example, Science Club has a full food menu, a vibrant bar scene, and a restaurant license. Big Hunt also has a full food menu, a vibrant bar scene, and a bar license. Ah well, it won’t matter much by January 2007.

“An era is ending,” the barflies sadly toasted. Despite this wistfulness, all agreed that it would certainly help them quit.

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  1. Bin_round (unregistered) on April 6th, 2006 @ 4:27 pm

    Yay, Yay, Yay! No more smoky clothes = high dry cleaning bills. Or having to wash my hair before going to bed ‘cuz I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes when trying to sleep.

    Yes, and it saves my life – I quit recently before a big milestone birthday and this helps me stay quit. A few of my friends say they will quit when they can’t smoke inside anymore.

    The alternative that may come from this is to create a space where possible, a “smoking room”, as some places in Toronto (which is smoke-free) has.

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