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wonderland summer dress party

It is wonderland’s summer dress party – come in a sun dress and drink on the cheap.

It is also a great case study in why women wear dresses and men do not.

Men, you can even pick up while in a dress. Well, as long as your legs are not better than hers. Reason why I am in jeans.

Churches Proactive About Parking?

Riding back from this morning’s 23 Annual Sallie Mae 10K, I noticed that several churches on 15th Street NW had parking cones, signs, and even attendants out to guide parishioners to proper parking spaces.

Might this be the beginning of a logical truce between Logan Circle homeowners and out of state DC churchgoers? Could the churches be doing what the homeowners wanted all along – respecting local traffic laws or at least practicing common curtsey?

Maybe this is why Mayor Williams gave a moratorium on cracking down on illegal church parking. Maybe churches in DC are starting to realize that their congregations, once nearby and now out in PG County, don’t vote or pay taxes in DC. Maybe they might be getting a little sense.

Or maybe not.

shameless pimpage

I got a card in the mail at my office this week, hand-addressed to me, but I didn’t recognize the handwriting or the return address.

It was from Rebekah Phelps of Extra You, which seems to be the only apt name for her business. She redecorates your rooms, gets your bills paid on time, refreshes your wardrobe, and organizes your closets.

I had been quoted in the Washington Business Journal (fancy!), and Rebekah had clipped the item and mailed me a copy. How very thoughtful, and a smart marketing move, since it seems to me that her target demographic would be the busy professional likely to be quoted in the WBJ. I don’t have much need for her services at the moment, but I thought I could at least pass on the favor by giving her a little linky-love.

A Giant in DC

Well, I didn’t get to snob around with Cam and Company, but I did have my own little celebrity encounter last night. While waiting for my car at the Four Seasons (having the standard two cocktail interview with a visiting job candidate) in Georgetown – the usual parade of DC’s pseudo-celebrities (politicians, reporters, and the self-important crowd whose groupies call into C-SPAN’s Washington Journal every Saturday morning at 7am) all decked out for the evening works its way out of the hotel.

And then…well then I notice an actual celebrity – the NY Giants’ Pro Bowl talent (and the NFL’s single season sack record holder) Michael Strahan. Thanks to the aforementioned two cocktails, I had to say hello.

Me: “Hey, who’d you guys draft today?”

Him: “I dunno. Some guy who plays defensive end.”

Me: “Hey, don’t *you* play defensive end?”

Me (to myself): “Holy crap, did I just say that out loud? Is my will current? Will it make Action 7 news if he beats me to death with my own arms?”

Him: “Yeah, I think they’re trying to tell me something”

A (thankfully) pleasant little chat. And Strahan doesn’t look nearly as large in person as he does on the field – but the gap between his teeth sure does.

Avon Walk Today

If you see hordes of women in pink or blue walking through your neighbourhood today, do not be alarmed.

They are part of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a two day, 39 mile fundraising wander around the DC metro area.

While I am not sure where they’ve come from, or where they’re headed, they are wandering down 16th Street right about now.

Hey, at least this time they decided to do it on a weekend instead of a work day at rush hour


Since my plans for the day have gone straight out the window, I’m thinking about switching gears and attending the “Save Darfur” rally on the Mall instead. It’s supposed to be a nice day for it, and stuff like this always provides cheap entertainment.

Of course, it might not be such a good show after all. My friend Cam, who’s one of the most connected D.C. insider guys I know, said upon hearing about my tentative plans to go downtown, “There’s a Darfur rally?” So, you know, we might not be talking record-breaking attendance here.

Anybody else thinking about checking it out?

sallie mae 10k breakfast

After finishing the 23 Annual Sallie Mae Fund 10K in a smoking fast 43:54 (thats 6 seven-minute miles) what would be your post race breakfast?

Krispy Kreme for me, thanks.

Before you judge, I was not alone. Donuts went long before fruit or power bars. And next up for me, is a 30K triathlon training bike ride.

Geeks in the House

How do you know you are in a Geek conference? When you look out over the audience and there are more open laptops than open minds.

Here’s a back of the room view of a geek conference in the Fairmont Hotel. Click on the photo for a larger version – how many laptop screens can you count?

Better yet, what’s the percentage that are open to conference-related tasks? About the same as the percentage doing work-related tasks tomorrow.

Green House

Home owners enthusiastic about environmental responsibility should be interested in the upcoming, The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design exhibit at the National Building Museum (map). Opening May 20th on the the first level, the exhibit features a full-scale, furnished version of a green house and a resource center showcasing new developments in green technology and products. If you haven’t been to the NBM, seeing the Great Hall alone is well worth the visit.

Being more of an urban guy myself, another exhibit coming along a bit later this summer has me pretty excited. More on that later.

For more information on environmental design, Architecture Week Magazine is a good place to start.

I’m Late Because I Rode the Red Line

On days when you are stuck in Metro Center or moaning about the Red line, you might wanna check out District Tees.

There, in addition to the ever popular “I live on J Street” insider joke shirt, you can get the very prescient “I’m Late Because I Ride the Red Line” T shirt.

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