Market Season? Not Yet…

I went out to the Farmer’s Market in Courthouse to check out my options for some good local produce and products. I love the idea of a farmer’s market, allowing me to buy direct from the producer with no middle man; my inner capitalist does a little dance whenever I go.

Sadly, though, I wasn’t impressed with what I saw at the market. Yes, I know it’s only the end of March, but the showing was dismal. Bread and pastry, sure. Sorbet, sure. But hardly any produce at all. Some mushrooms, yes, but not much in the way of anything fresh. While I was tempted by the peaches in bourbon, I ended up with some Polyface sausage and a few Fuji Apples. Definitely, it’s still early, but I was bummed. I guess I just want it to be Spring so badly….

One last vignette from the market. Tiffany arrived at the market around the middle of the morning, and two men with t-shirts and clipboards were collecting signatures to put former Secretary of Defense Webb on the ballot for Senator in Virginia. We both looked up at him, not knowing off the top of our heads who he was, I said “Hm. No, I think I’ll pass.”

The look on the guy’s face could best be described as “astounded.” He was shocked that someone would turn him away. It made my day, entirely.

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