Two Discoveries

Since leaving my fulltime employment in late February, I’ve made two really crucial discoveries about the area in which I live:

  1. Arlington County Meter Readers are absolutely, positively psychic when it comes to parking meters. I’ve gotten two $25 tickets in the last month because I was less than 10 minutes late to pay my meter. Two. When you think that I spend as little as two or three days a week at my new “office”, this is pretty astounding. Clearly, I need a better method of tracking time. $25 is more than I’d pay for parking all day in the District…
  2. Arlington County does sell this really kickass Smart Cards for Parking Meters. You give them $20, they give you a card that has $20 in meter cash on it. Put the card in the meter, and it charges the meter with more time the longer you leave the card in the slot, up to the max for the meter. Sure is better than carrying change, but I wish it helped me remember when I was out of time…

Hopefully my other discoveries will be a little less…expensive.

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