Naples Bound!

Well, kids, this is my last day in DC for the next week. I see my parents two or three times a year, and this is one of my typical times when I [conveniently] visit them in the winter. They are retired and live in southern Florida in the winter, and frigid Michigan in the summer. I don’t know how it happens, but I usually visit them more in the winter…

I don’t know if you all feel this way, but while I do just love living in the DC area, I also crave when I can get outside the Beltway for a few days and just sloooooowwwww down. Just stop moving so fast. Stop driving so close to other cars. Stop parking in garages, but in a driveway. Step outside at night sit down and not hear cars from every major road near me, along with the traffic from the severely aggressive DCA flight pattern I live below.

Like I said, I love living here, I really do. But I am so looking forward to slowing down. Stop moving so fast, and get me a good seven days of non-DC life… just for a break. Although knowing me I’ll be wanting it back about three days into my trip!

Also, I hope to maybe give some updates, still be posting on MBDC while I’m down there, but my parent’s only have (are you sitting down for this?)… dial up. Oh, the horror!

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