All Politics is Procrastination (ah, Local)

Apparently my statue of limitations on civic duty excitement is a paltry three hours.

That’s all it took for me to go from feeling all “citizen-journalist-and-shit” to slothful nap artist. After getting worked up about the Source Theater sale enough to actually promise going to a neighborhood meeting on the subject last week, by the time I got home the idea seemed completely a waste. Whereas stretching out with the sugarcat was a much better idea.

Yes, dear readers. It appears my sense of civic duty is nonexistent. I am what’s wrong with America.

It troubles me that I can’t keep my moxie up about neighborhood association involvement. Frankly, I’ve been to one local meeting in the past three years and it typified what I can’t stand about local politics – people sitting around moaning about what they can’t change but expecting you to prove yourself anyway and volunteer for everything they’ve given up on. Not to mention the internal politics on a microcosmic scale involving who’s lived in the neighborhood the longest, who decides what the neighborhood really needs, where money should be spent, etc.

I do the little things fine – keeping my yard manicured and the sidewalk clean, for example – but when it comes to group displays of civic duty I balk. I need to get over this. Really. I am hereby promising to go to my next ANC meeting in April.

No, really. I am!

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  1. SELarsen (unregistered) on March 14th, 2006 @ 10:39 am

    Hey Jenn You are not what’s wrong with America
    Red taped multi regulations and short-sighted What about me-ism is what’s wrong with America & the world, for that matter. Just thought you should know!

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