Short Shrift for District Judges

Apparently, in Washington DC, you can evade taxes for six years, rack up a quarter of a million dollars in debt to the federal government, and get off with three years probation, all the while testing positive for cocaine and marijuana. What’s worse? In the hearing, Barry quoted the Bible, citing his belief in forgiveness:

He described himself as a Christian who believes in forgiveness, and reminded the court of the verses in the Book of Matthew, chapter 18, when Paul asks how many times a person should be forgiven, and Jesus answers “70 times seven.”

I’m sorry, Marion, but this is like murdering your parents and begging for mercy because you’re an orphan.

You knew that you were violating the law when you failed to file your tax returns. You knew that you were violating the law when you smoked that weed and snorted that coke. And yet, somehow, in the Court’s perversity, the sought to grant you probation for three years. Even after flaunting the court by not bringing your documents in well before hand.

DC ought to be appalled today that instead of applying justice, we let it slide because he’s old.

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