Traffic pain…

This is a daily occurrence for me, driving from my office in Rosslyn to home sweet home in Brandywine. DC tried improving the situation depicted by installing a barrier near the point where the Pennsylvania Ave. off ramp meets 395, but I’ve found that it just makes the backup longer as the “cheaters” try to cut in from the left lane even earlier. What blows me away is that many of the people that perform this irritating act (cutting in from the left lane) do this EVERY day.

Studies relating particle flow to traffic dynamics have proven that deviant particles that interrupt uniform particle flow (like our pictured buddy gold Camry and his not pictured cohorts, blue Caravan, white Land Cruiser and silver Montero), will cause “traffic waves”, more commonly known as congestion. I would hope that drivers can remember what a SOLID WHITE LINE means!!! I mean, it’s not only a solid white line, it’s a BIG SOLID WHITE LINE… sheesh. Want a cheap way to improve traffic and collect additional revenue for the city??? Enforce the law… SOLID lines mean no passing or cutting in, bastards.

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