Hard Out Here for a DC Pimp

While Three 6 Mafia sang their Oscar winning tune last night about how pimping ain’t easy:

“It’s hard out here for a pimp, when you tryin’ to get the money for the rent, with the Cadillac and gas money spent, you got a whole lot of bitches jumpin’ ship.”

Here in DC, hardworking pimps were singing another tune, specifically “Daddy”, Jaron R. Brice. Last week he was convicted of sex trafficking of a minor, transporting prostitutes across state lines, pandering and child sexual abuse, in other words, of being one bad-ass pimp.

In reading the WashPost article, while its very sad, the passage discussing how Daddy Brice taught the girls how to be prostitutes struck me odd:

Over the next day or so, the new girls were outfitted with short shorts and revealing tops and taught to apply heavy make-up. They sat in the back seat of Brice’s purple Chevrolet Caprice to watch a video that laid out the rules and jargon of what she and the others learned to call “The Game”: Call your pimp “Daddy.” Walk behind him, keeping your gaze down. Never speak to or look at another pimp. Get the money in advance. Obey your pimp’s “bottom” — the prostitute he trusts most. She and the other prostitutes who work for your pimp are your “sisters.” All of you make up a “stable.” Along with the pimp, you are a “family.”

“Watch a video that laid out the rules and jargon”?? Um and what video would that be? Pimp & ‘ho glamorizing Pretty Woman or Risky Business? Or the real and gritty American Pimp? One thing’s for sure, they weren’t getting I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka on the backseat screen. Not from a guy who enforced $500 quotas on 14 year olds and 10 minute time limits for Johns.

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