It’s WHITEHOUSE not Lifehouse

If you like your music brutal, extreme, and challenging then Thursday night’s show at DC9 is the line-up for you. If you like life-affirming, late-90’s, “alternative” soul rock then it most certainly isn’t.

Legendary UK masters of noise (both digital and analogue) WHITEHOUSE are making a DC stop on their new North American tour to spread their unique brand of family values inspired hate sound. Self-described as producing “exquisite and extraordinary works of music and art whose comprehension will violently challenge to the fragile core of a naked soul”, for over 20 years WHITEHOUSE have been known for pushing the envelope in noise music and lyrical content. Having WHITEHOUSE come through DC is like having Throbbing Gristle come through DC. It is a rare treat that no fan of noise music should miss.

Playing along with WHITEHOUSE are one of America’s best home-grown noise acts Michigan’s own Wolf Eyes. I doubt there will be any offensive lyrics accompanying their noise set aside from the occasional ear-splitting mock death-cry. I caught an unforgettable set of Wolf Eyes accompanied with revered Jazz Saxaphonist Anthony Braxton in Canada last Spring whilst on my Honeymoon which made for one of those nice, romantic, evenings of chaotic sound.

Finally rounding out the bill are self-professed “pornographers of sound” Pig Destroyer, an up-n-coming Virginia grind-core outfit who I have been dying to check out live for some time now.

You get all of this envelope-pushing, extreme music for a mere $15 at DC9 – what more could an area noise fan want?

(PS – I’m not even going to mention Steve Albini in this – oh wait – damn it!)

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