Plant for you, plant for me

The idea of “green roofs” is one that I first learned about several years ago in grad school. I was on a team that had to put together a communications/roll-out plan for a city-wide initiative to improve environmental standards and esthetics of the DC area. Good project – good idea. Green roofs – buildings and companies that plant trees, shrubs, and other greenery on their roof however many stories up they might be – help to improve energy prices, looks, and make great places to increase community within companies because many times they serve as a central location for employees to have lunch and take breaks.

Recently the DC Council has been considering legislation that would put regulatory grime on new businesses trying to come in to the city. For a city that is always in need of revenue for legitimate fund-spending needs, putting up major barriers to entry like additional new business regulations isn’t smart. I’m in support of green consturction and think that more building management companies should look in to it. If they really save as much money on energy as proponents say, then the market will decide and these folks will go ahead with it.

The DC government has nothing to win in requiring this – and I’m actaully liking what Williams’ spokesperson said, it at least a little more moderate. Why not make it a tax incentive program instead of making it a demand that could very likely mean less business growth in DC?

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