Chatty Kathy

Most nights out I am not a very sociable guy. When I’m out having beers with my friends, I am there to do exactly that, have beers with my friends not have a million small-conversations with a million random people. However there is the rare occasion when that’s exactly what I end up doing. Such as Thursday night at the Alcian Blue/Ceremony/APTBS show at the Black Cat.

From the owner of Cue Bar to various DC band members to all these random folk in the Red Room, I was a regular chatty kathy on Thursday night. Talking in the Red Room so much so that after watching A Place To Bury Strangers, completely shred all their performances I have seen previously, and Ceremony, putting on a tad sloppy but equally sonic performance with Jake’s guitar guesting on all but 2 songs, I completely missed Alcian Blue’s set which I hear from everyone was one of their best ever.

Needless to say I am disappointed that I missed Alcian Blue, especially since they debuted so much new material on Thursday. I also feel like I did my faithful readers a slight disservice in not watching and reviewing one of DC’s best up-and-coming acts. So I asked my good friend Chris Diamond, who did watch their set, to say a few words about how good it was:

“I’ve seen Alcian Blue more than a few times, and have always thoroughly enjoyed their show, but last night’s gig at the Black Cat saw them taking it to another level. A couple weeks ago Jake had mentioned that they were going to take things in a new direction, if this is the direction, it seems like a good one to me. Maybe they were inspired by the opening bands, maybe Jake got an itchy trigger finger from his guest guitar sit-in with the Ceremony. I don’t know what the cause was, but they were in overdrive last night. They made all their other shows before this seem unplugged.”

Now doesn’t that just remind me why I never talk to people at shows!

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