Broomball anyone? anywhere?

While it may be beautiful out today, winter is technically still here which means winter sports are still in season. One ice sport, broomball, seems conspicuous by its absence though.

For the uninitiated, broomball is played on a hockey rink with seemingly an infinite number of players on two teams. Instead of hockey sticks and a puck, players wearing sneakers instead of skates use brooms (either actual brooms or the more modern lacrosse stick style) and two rubber balls. Scoring is the same as hockey. It is a lot of fun and intense cardiovascular exercise as well.

A quick Google search for broomball + dc reveals no specific entries of area broomball leagues. Most of the entries are from alumni groups playing after Capitals games. Subsequent searches revealed that there are rinks in Baltimore and Richmond, but not any closer. Does anyone know of any broomball leagues or even broomball nights at area rinks?

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  1. Gabe (unregistered) on February 16th, 2006 @ 9:56 pm

    I remember the days of ‘EMT at the ready’ broomball. But (at least here in Denver) they’ve begun enforcing such absurd rules as helmets and pads etc. that the sport has drastically declined. It’s no fun to live in such a sue-happy world.

  2. Brock (unregistered) on February 16th, 2006 @ 10:08 pm

    A couple years ago, I got to play a game when one of my school’s fraternities put it together. It was a blast, even though I busted up my knee pretty bad. I would love to find something around here.

    And Gabe – we had to wear helmets, too, and I think gloves. It wasn’t a problem for most of us since we played hockey, and in retrospect, some more pads might have been welcome.

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