the religious left

i like hearing that one of the representatives i voted for has gone out of his or her way to stand up for what is right.

last friday, the maryland house of delegates voted to accept the judiciary committee’s unfavorable report against the proposed anti-gay amendment to the maryland constitution. during the debate that preceded the vote, Delegate Pat McDonough invoked the Bible in support of the anti-gay amendment, urging the house to reject the report. Delegate Gareth Murray, one of our representatives from District 20 and a baptist pastor, took offense to the invocation of the Bible to deny civil rights to gays, reportedly telling his colleague that he is very familiar with the Bible, but that it has been used in the past to oppress people.

Delegate Murray’s comments are only the latest evidence that the religious left is alive and kicking in maryland; in january 240 clergy from 11 demoninations convened in annapolis to protest the proposed ban on marriage and legal protections for same-sex couples.

the latest battle against the amendment has been won, but the fight to ensure fairness and justice for all maryland families continues. maryland residents can take action by attending a rally in annapolis on February 13th. among the speakers will be Kwesi Mfume. more information is available on Equality Maryland’s website.

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  1. Jean (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 7:59 pm

    Good for Maryland. Maybe it’ll be in the forefront of this just as it was in permitting interracial marriages in the 50’s, not THAT long ago but doesn’t it seem so archaic now?

    Did you read the article in the Post about conservative J. Danforth and how disgusted he is with this whole extreme religious conservative movement? Jesus never fought to deny rights to anyone but he did denounce the extremely vocal, judgemental, in your face Hypocrites.

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