there’s a chocolate love fest happening this weekend w/ your name on it. the chocolate lovers festival in fairfax features free chocolate tastings, a chocolate challenge of chocolate displays, chocolate games and activities for kids and so many more things chocolate related.

this is going to be totally better than hershey, pennsylvania. i thought it’d be raining chocolate kisses during the tour and chocolate lining the streets (like in the simpsons episode where homer slips into the fantasy land of chocolate). all they gave out was one 3 oz sample of hershey chocolate. boo!

speaking of hershey, as an amusement park, i totally enjoyed it. here are two major tips for going to the park (you’re gonna love me for this):

1) buy a saturday admission ticket the friday night before — about 2.5 hours before closing. they actually let you preview the park right then for 2.5 hours, and then you come back saturday for a full day’s admission.

2) to sweeten the deal even further, plan to go on a weekend where there’s a big concert on friday night. all the teeny-boppers head to the concert and clear out of the park — presto! you have virtually no lines. i did this a few years ago when n’sync happen to be playing at hershey. we could have not planned it any better. we checked out all the rides at least 3 times friday night, then spent saturday hanging around and riding only the rides we really liked.

man, maybe it’s about time i make my way out to hershey again :), but first, i satisfy my chocolate fix just round the corner in fairfax.

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  1. Carl (unregistered) on February 3rd, 2006 @ 12:38 pm

    Be prepared to stand in long-ass lines for those free chocolate tastings. Long-ass lines in the COLD.

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