Super Troopers

I remember a couple of years ago, during the whole saga with the DC Snipers, how police patrolling in Montgomery County stepped up rather mightily. Late that fall, it was not uncommon to see your friendly neighborhood squad car all over the mean streets of MoCo.

Understandably so, since they were on the lookout for a suspicious white van from which the crimes took place. I recall one late night when I was driving home taking the beltway and I-270. I saw no less than a dozen trafffic stops. I had two theories, one being that they were leaving no stone unturned and snagging everyone who so much as sneezed the wrong way. You could have called it the upcounty dragnet. My second theory was that with just about every badge on call, someone had to pay for overtime and extra runs to the donut shop. Manhunts don’t come cheap.

Then tonight, in the 10 minutes it takes me to get home from the beltway up Georgia Avenue I saw FIVE, count `em, five stops by the po-po. Something about babies shooting babies that just gets them all riled up. So if you got something to hide, especially a piece, don’t come riding through the `burbs. Hey writing tickets has got to pay for all those gunlocks.

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