Jimmy Bo and the Nats

I paid up my season seats today with the Nats this morning, shelling out an extra $20 for my 21 game plan to keep my yellow seat over in Section 511. What’s that going to buy me this season? 21 games of watching Jimmy Bo and his crazy Nats try to finish out of the cellar in the NL East. We managed a so-so first season in DC, but this offseason has been crazier than a bunch of drunken santas, leaving the Nats in poor position to compete on the free agent market. Of course, it doesn’t help that we’re not exactly an appealing place to play right now:

Bowden and the Nationals are NOT considered attractive by any MLB’er. The male equivalent of the Nats still lives with his parents, sweats profusely when the thermometer rises above 50 degrees and dresses himself entirely in credit-card promotion giveaways.

Yeesh, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?

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