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Being the native Detroiter that I am the auto industry is in my blood, as is a love for everything cars, new design, the concept car, the auto show, etc. In fact, the only “grown ups” that I knew even through high school that didn’t work in the industry were my best friends parents, who were local jewelers. But everyone in my extended family, all of my friends parents, and all of my parents friends were all employed either by the Big Three or by a supplier in our various Detroit suburbs.

I love living in DC, and there are only a few pieces of the Detroit area that I truly miss, one being the International Auto Show. The Auto Show is part of life in Michigan, a yearly ritual, as typical, expected, and anticipated as a holiday like Christmas or your own birthday. It’s always the third week in January when you think to yourself, “maybe, just maybe this year I won’t be able to bear the frigid below zero temperature and walk a mile from the parking to Cobo,” but then you realize you’ve thought that every year and you do it again becuase you don’t really mind it all that much.

Jealousy got the best of me a few weeks ago when my friends were starting with their pre-Auto Show events and galas and I told a friend here that I was thinking about flying back for the weekend. This is when he told me about the Washington, DC Auto Show. I cocked my head slightly and said [throat clear], “I’m sorry? DC has an auto show?” At first I was elated with joy that I would finally not miss out on this great memory and activity that I’ve done every year (save the last four) since I was a kid.

Then my dreams were shattered when he brought me back down to Earth telling me that it wasn’t like the Auto Show, but a miniature, less expensive, less elaborate version that only the “car freaks” go to. Well I certainly would never consider myself a car freak, but I’ll be there, looking at the concepts (my favorite part) and bringing back critique and praise to Metroblogging DC.

Anyone else ever been – how does it look? Anyone been to BOTH the DC and Detroit that can compare?

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  1. Michael (unregistered) on January 25th, 2006 @ 11:41 am

    I’ve never been to the Detroit show but I do know that the D.C. auto show isn’t that impressive. I’ve only gone 3 times, but each year, it seems to get worse. More crowds and less cars that you are allowed to look at without being behind ropes. I like that the knobs are taken off all the cars you are allowed inside of.

  2. WFY (unregistered) on January 25th, 2006 @ 11:56 am

    The auto show has been going downhill since they stopped having KITT from Knight Ridder. That and moving into January instead of the week after Christmas.

    Speaking of nobs being taken off, it turns out the turbo boost button was disabled on KITT. My brother was very dissapointed to discover that when he was sitting in it.

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