It’s Never That Simple Here.

I just got an “emergency alert” from CNN that Rep. Bob Ney is in “talks” to leave his leadership position.

It’s never simple in this town, is it? Ever? Instead of just resigning in disgrace, you have to make a negotiated retreat after taking a shitload of cash from a K St. lobbyist in exchange for favors. How is that someone like that can be in “talks”? That suggests that in exchange for stepping down from the chairman’s position, he’ll get less time in prison, or perhaps a cushier cell at Club Fed.

Mayors-for-life get to make deals with prosecutors for Tax Evasion when if they were just some normal schmoe, they’d be thrown in prison and the key tossed into the Anacostia. Marcus Vick gets in his 9th traffic incident of the year, and instead of getting thrown in jail, he’s getting promoted to the NFL.

Nothing about this town, this life, is ever as simple as a resignation. It’s always a tactical retreat.

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