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so i stumble upon links to the national review’s the corner everynow and then. i know nothing about it, so if anyone can shed some light, that’d be great. otherwise, i think there are some hilarious posts:

BREAKING NEWS [Jonah Goldberg]

In the midst of the Alito hearings, observers noted a strange moving “protuberance” underneath the nominee’s shirt. During Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-Illinois) comments the bump suddenly burst out of the nominee’s now bloody shirt and, according to several eye witnesses, a shrieking, feral-toothed James Carville emerged and ran out of the room.

“It was like that scene in Alien,” commented a clearly giddy but shocked Senator Kennedy. “I loved it.”

there’s a mix of random thoughts, call outs for senatorial candidates (pimp-of-the-year winner, nick lachey, etc.), and some jon stewart -esque type comments on obvious trip ups by government officials and parties.

am i enjoying a site that’s actually run by some neo-conservatists? or extreme-leftists? or pro-paganists? til i figure it out, i’ll enjoy some quippy comments through the day…

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  1. Rick (unregistered) on January 9th, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

    You might have picked one article that is semi-funny, but the rest of it is Alito-ass-kissing and neocon-book-pushing to me.

    “We agree that, of course, on the scale of repulsiveness in general, Teddy Kennedy is so completely repulsive that you just can’t compare him to anyone else. So the question is: Who next? I have to go for Specter. Richard’s thinking maybe Schumer, and Chuckles had only been speaking for about 30 seconds when he said it. The way I figure it, Alito is sitting there, reciting multiplication tables in his head to keep his expression completely still. Either that, or he has secretly replaced himself with a wax dummy.”

    Jon Stewart is funny and shows his intelligence and knowledge of issues. “Teddy Kennedy is so completely repulsive” doesn’t quite have that same air of intelligent joking/debate.

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