Kiddie Day @ the YMCA

Up early stressing for a trip, I head to the YMCA @ 17th and Rhode Island for a good stress-relief workout. There I find weights, I find cardio, I find everything I want un-crowded, and un-ridden. I did note an abundance of kids, like one or two, in what is usually an al-adults gym, but I didn’t pay them any mind.

That is until I finished my workout and went down to the pool for a good swim-a-thon. There to my horror and shock, where childrens, wall to wall, and filling the pool childerns. Childrens screaming, splashing, and I’m sure, peeing.

Great. Not only was I denied my end-of-workout swim, I’m thinking I’m gonna skip Saturday swims in general from now on. Hey, it takes a while to filter out all that kiddie pee!

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