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Last night’s outing is today’s hoarse throat. Was it due to the issue du jour, a smoky bar? Well, yes and no. I did go to a bar where people were smoking, but they were also singing, and after a few pints to celebrate my husband’s birthday, so was I…

The flyer for “Twisted Karaoke Tuesdays – the Best of 80’s, Punk, and Glam,” could hardly be resisted. So it was back to The Reef for an evening of fun. I remembered reading that Wayan had visited the event back in the summer and found it lacking, but at that point it was billed as a strictly metal event, and since then they’ve expanded the genres. So we decided to give it another shot. What better way to celebrate a birthday than good-humored humiliation in front of your dearest friends?

At first we panicked when the DJ/Emcee started off with 80’s of the Paula Abdul variety instead of say, The Clash variety. But after a brave couple did a duet to David Bowie, we relaxed. There would be some glam after all, and though we never did get any punk, someone did do a head-banging Slayer rendition that even included some dead-on air guitar.

The crowd was great – from the self-deprecating howlers bravely giving it their all to some truly brilliant divas with the moves. It was a really good mixture – no haters, everyone applauding and having fun. By the end of the night I’d been talked into a duet with my birthday boy, yodeling to the B-52’s. Crazy. No wonder my throat hurts today. But it was worth it.

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