Lucky Strike Opens

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Lucky Strike had their grand opening at their Gallery Place location, according to these awesome pictures from flickr user sbma44 who went out to the Grand Opening. I had an awesome time at the Hollywood location, which had great food and even better bowling. Have you been out to the new Lucky Strike? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Viktoria (unregistered) on December 7th, 2005 @ 5:10 pm

    I joined the Lucky Strike team two weeks before their opening and worked every day from about 10am until closing every night until I quit on December 3rd after my 14 hour shift as one of their “strongest top servers.” My experience there was not good. They blew smoke up our asses and excited us about work like a used car salesman tries to excite you about buying a 12 year old heap with a million miles on it. We were all trained intensely and certain things were pounded into our heads, such as “There will not be any rap or hip-hop played because we don’t want THAT type of crowd.” During my nights there I saw several times where preppy-dressed caucasians were bumped up on the wait list for lanes ahead of “Ghetto Tupacs and their Laquitas.”
    Not to mention service was SO slow, due to the fact that there were a dozen servers and only TWO terminals to ring in orders. My tips were significantly hurt by that, BUT it wasn’t the only reason… After the first opening night, there was a huge discrepancy with what I owed the house at the end of my shift. It turned out to be a computer error and I had to wait around for two hours, but I ended up getting money instead of owing it. I then decided to start keeping track on my own of each and every tip I got throughout my shift. Every night it worked out to be significantly less in their calculations, and on my last night, Saturday night, the difference was over a hundred dollars. And when I made a big stink about it to my lithping manager, he told me I was fired and made up some BS about a customer complaint. I didn’t give him the satisfaction, and upon my leaving, another one of my 6 managers just so happened to “Find” $140 that someone “turned in” and gave it to me,as if I’d lost it!!
    SO, if you do decide to patronize this shady place, be prepared to wait 20 minutes for your drinks, 2 hours for a lane or a pool table, and another 20 minutes for your outrageous bill. As far as working there?? DON’T!! They’ll use you up and spit you out, I mean, they ARE a Hollywood-based company. I hope this posting has been informative :)

  2. Ted Tewsome (unregistered) on December 19th, 2005 @ 10:49 am

    Went to Lucky Strike with my wife (we’re 30) the other night. We didn’t bowl, but sat at the bar and had drinks and dinner. This place ROX! We loved the food, the service and the drinks. Great time and will be going back with friends to bowl. Also, the crowd is really great in terms of diversity! All walks of life, which is what DC is about. A welcomed addition to the scene!

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