black friday — hello it’s the holidays!


yeah, the picture doesn’t capture the complete frenzy on friday morning, but it was my first time to get up at 4:45 am to shop. went to tyson’s to check out the apple store (hoping for some surprise goodies), but alas, they did not open until 8. so we headed over to hecht’s — about 6:30 am is when the crowd started to build and we had to wait 35 minutes in line to actually by the 3 things we found. all in good spirits.

one suggestion to at least the non-best buys/targets/walmarts: part of the spirit of the day after thanksgiving is to kick-off the beginning of the holiday season — why not make the event more festive? as our energy was waning, a cup of hot cocoa would have been nice, some cookies, carollers through the store. i would have appreciated at some point a warm feeling of the holiday spirit vs. the shopping glutton that we’ve succumb to.

i may do it again, just for the fun of seeing so many ppl out, but believe me, i can wait a few days to buy season 2 of arrested development and pay the extra $10.

(p.s. kudos to my friend that had to work a normal day after that. we dropped her at the metro at 9 — i have no idea how she could sit at her desk all day after being up 3 hrs early!)

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