The Bling Bling Giant Backs off the Sidewalk

This just in from the National Capital Revitalization Corporation about the Tivoli Giant in Columbia Heights.

Dear CH neighbors—

Some of you may have noticed the parcel pick-up area has been closed. Customers can now pick up and drop off in the striped area on the street. The permanent design for that area will be installed immediately after the New Year. More updates will be posted periodically. Thanks very much.

Tiffany Simms
External Affairs Coordinator
National Capital Revitalization Corporation

tivoli giantThat parcel pick-up area Tiffany so nonchalantly refers to was a lightning point of contention when the Giant first opened. Occupying the entire sidewalk in front of the store, creating a hazard for shoppers and insulting pedestrians, the car drive way showed a suburban car-love mindset that doesn’t exist and isn’t needed in foot-friendly Columbia Heights.

Rejoice and celebrate my fellow Washingtonians! This is one small victory for pedestrian, not vehicular, ownership of the sidewalks. Cars are still welcome mind you, in the attached parking garage or on the street, where they belong.

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