Nationals Update: Of Ownership and Medals

Well, Frank may have received the Medal of Freedom at the White House yesterday, but it seems that his employers are still trying to screw him. Bud Selig announced the other day that despite all of their feet-dragging, there’s still no new ownership for the Nationals. Of course, when their owners are their competitors, it should come as no surprise that Bud is dragging his feet in announcing the new ownership. Let the other squads sign their free agents, their new GMs, their coaches, and let us swing. That’s exactly what those assholes are going to do. It’s absolutely infuriating that Bud will pay lip service to caring about baseball in DC, but won’t do a damn thing to help it flourish.

I love this game, I find it to be our nation’s poetic sport. Football may be our epic sport, and Basketball our flashy sport, and Hockey our toothless sport, but Baseball has always been something more, and to see DC’s team treated so shabbily at the hands of the other teams’ owners, it’s really quite infuriating.

Give us Malek and Zients, Bud. Give us the freedom to spend money on our players, to trade without worry about whether or not we “can afford” it. Because, quite frankly, our manager has the Medal of Freedom, the only baseball manager to receive such an honor. Have you seen Frank when he’s angry? I’ve seen him angry. That umpire wasn’t ever the same. I’m not even sure if he’s stopped rocking himself to sleep at night. Don’t make us sic Frank on your ass, it just won’t be pretty. You may find that pretty star-shaped medal with sharp and pointy edges in places that sharp and pointy ain’t a good idea.

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  1. Lisa (unregistered) on November 10th, 2005 @ 11:36 pm

    It’s what everyone’s been saying all along – there won’t be ownership until DC breaks ground on the new stadium, so as long as the City Council keeps dragging it’s feet and attempting to renegotiate what’s supposed to be a done deal, we won’t get owners.

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