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Lucky Strike Opens

left view of lucky strike

Originally uploaded by sbma44.

Lucky Strike had their grand opening at their Gallery Place location, according to these awesome pictures from flickr user sbma44 who went out to the Grand Opening. I had an awesome time at the Hollywood location, which had great food and even better bowling. Have you been out to the new Lucky Strike? Let us know what you think!

Tow Company Owner Indicted

Sweet. Excuse me while I laugh myself fucking silly. George King, of Frank’s Towing, got his own ass towed to court this morning for about 20 counts, ranging from failing to register and report business income, and not withholding taxes from employee pay. Hat tip to DCist for pointing this one out, but man, how can you not love it when towing companies get hauled into court?

Especially when they’re particularly good at entrapment. I wonder if Advanced Towing adequately documents the two minors that they pay to sit in parking lots? Or, well, are they paid off the books by the counter girls?

america’s healthiest hotels — congrats to topaz!

if you’re looking for a hotel that not only serves as shelter, but may even improve your health, then check out america’s top 11 healthiest hotels list. dc’s very own topaz hotel made it. featuring a morning “power hour” w/energy drinks to kick-off your day and yoga equipment for your room, topaz is a boutique hotel that has an all-around great atmosphere.

on the other hand, if at the end of the you need somehting a little extra to wind down your day, there’s always the topaz bar downstairs for some delectable drinks such as the blue nirvana (champagne, vodka and a touch of blueberry); the oscar wilde (absente and sugar syrup shaken, not stirred) or the topaz kozmo (citrus vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and lime).

i feel more enlightened just thinking about it.

I, Like, Heart Laguna Beach


Barmy, Part Deux

Remember Barmy Wine and Liquor The place with free delivery for when your drunk ass can’t go get it yourself?

Right now there’s a sign in their window that says, “Wines as low as one penny!!!!!”

I don’t think I should drink anything that costs a penny a bottle. It’s not that I’m a wine snob or anything, but a girl’s gotta have some standards, no?

what do you do when home depot’s on fire?


it was quite a site the other day in fairfax, va — dozens of home depot employees sitting out in the parking lot watching as fire trucks and ambulances roared in.

in speaking w/one employee who decided to make the most of his time by collecting shopping carts while he was outside, “yup, we’ve stuck out here for quite a bit. i don’t think we’ll open back up tonight.”

Do your Christmas Holiday shopping alternative-style

If you’re not game to get your craft on yourself you can always go buy something someone else has made in on of DC’s many outdoor markets. The new upstart in the bunch is the Downtown DC Holiday Market on the site of the old convention center at NW 11th and H St. The first day is tomorrow, December 1st and will continue on every Thursday through Sunday, from 11am to 7pm till December 21st.

Formerly the whippersnapper of the bunch is Western Market in Adams Morgan at Marie Reed School Plaza. They’re a Saturday-only 10am to 5pm market that will end their second season on December 17th.

The old warhorse of the bunch is Eastern Market which has run a Saturday market since 1978. The Sunday market‘s not quite as old, hailing back to 1983 on the same location but under different direction and with somewhat different vendors.

You car-free DC ZipCar members will want to buy your Christmas Holiday trees at the downtown market – members get free use of the ZipCars parked on the 11th street corridor to get it home.

photo courtesy of TBoneMcCool

Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: Blackberries Cease, Withdrawal Causes Massive Crime

Apparently the ubiquitous Blackberry handheld email device may be coming nearer and nearer to a drop dead date:

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. (CA:RIM) (RIMM) on Wednesday was pushed closer to a possible shutdown of its U.S. mobile e-mail service after a judge refused to delay a patent infringement case and rejected a disputed settlement with patent holder NTP Inc.

Still pending before Spencer is a request by NTP to move forward with an injunction that would halt U.S. sales of the BlackBerry and shut its service.

Can you imagine if all those horrid little blue boxes just stopped working? Oh God, what a paradise! No more jerks at poker games throwing them across the table. No more execs emailing me at 10pm to tell me their power is out and why oh why doesn’t their computer work. No more assholes on the Metro paying attention to their Blackberry and not the little girl they’re elbowing.

Can we vote in favor of shutting it down anyway?

Stadium Politics

Well, we’re about 30 days away from a big day in DC Baseball: Major League Baseball’s deadlines for having a lease on the ballpark and having the site under city control, pursuant to Article VII of the stadium agreement between DC and MLB. We also appear to be nowhere near an agreement about what to do about cost overruns, or a guarantee of the lease should the new stadium fall prey to whatever foul odor besmirched the Library of Congress this morning.

This deal keeps getting shadier and shadier, and with Bud Selig crippling the Nats ability to go after free agents like Esteban Loaiza (since signed with the A’s), there may be no reason to build a new stadium if the club can’t sign some talent and compete. The Hapless Mets have already begun to retool their benches and could well smoke the Nats like the unruly beehive that they are.

Anyhow, as always, Chris Needham of Capitol Punishment has some great insight into these stadium politics that are worth reading. Be sure to check it out.

Library of Congress Smells Funny

I got the call a few minutes ago from one of my field agents that the Library of Congress had been evacuated due to an “irritating odor”, but by the time I got a free second to check it out, they’re letting workers back into the building. Damn this day job! Damn it to hell!

Anyhow, some workers were sheltering in place, some had been forced out of the Jefferson Building. I’m just thankful it wasn’t pouring like last night!

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