Tootsie Rolls and Wind

First – Hiieee! I’m the new kid in class – well, me and two other people are the new bloggers on the headcount for your DC Metro Blog. Totally excited – mostly because I have way too much to say and frankly, 24 hours a day just isn’t enough. This is where you come in. Read me. Don’t read me. The thought that someone MIGHT be listening to my rand-o thoughts gives me a warm and fuzzy (not quite enough for the ever-popular – and plural – “warm and fuzzIES” – we’ll have to see how this thing goes before I get plural fuzzies).

Tootsie Rolls and wind – yep, I’m back. Focus. FOCUS!! This is where I launch in to the first of many (I’m sure) weather-related posts. I was reminded of Fall today, with the windy sort-of rain. I’ve spent most of my life in Michigan and Northern Ohio and am used to this sort of weather for many more months than we see it here. And, I’ll be honest… I like it. I like cold weather, I love Fall, and wind (and Tootsie Rolls) reminds me of Fall. Growing up this would be just the weather that would sway parents to let you stay out just a little longer and play in leaves, or terrorize your neighbors dog, or write with markets on siding of your parents home – ya know, whatever floats your boat at the ripe age of 8.

So – there it is. Tootsie Rolls because I’m pretty sure that was the only candy I ever ate after Halloween growing up, mostly because I love them, but also because Dad would scam all the rest before we could get to it. I ate a Tootsie Roll tonight, and then walked outside – it was almost overwhelming. Tonight reminded me of a childhood fall night – and I liked it.

Looking forward to posting with you!!

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