Two Racks of Racks

I went out to get my Powerball ticket today, it was off to the little convenience store on 12th street a block from office. The line was epic, winding around the candy tower, and right past the dirty magazine racks. I had honestly no idea there were THAT many porno mags. Seriously. I mean, the obvious was there: Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, but there were six shelves, on two racks, with porno mags six deep. Folks, that’s a lot of pornography. This may well be the kind of shop that caused John Ashcroft to create the Porn Taskforce.

The question definitely crossed my mind: Wow, do you really need THAT much porno?! I mean, who hasn’t discovered the pornucopia that is the internet? Good lord people. We need to get on this digitalization thing, stat. If only so I don’t have try not to see the guy pick through which schoolgirl magazine he wanted. Ick.

But, I suppose, all of this won’t matter when I win the lotto tonight.

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