I know this may sound repetitive, but Don’t Drink and Drive in DC. I know you hear it everywhere, and it’s generally considered common knowledge at this point, but don’t get behind the wheel of a car in the District if you’ve had anything to drink. I’ve lived here for five years now, but it wasn’t until today that I was told that they can arrest you in DC if your BAC is over .01. That’s right, .01. Today’s Post follows the story of a local woman who had a glass with wine with dinner downtown and was promptly arrested for DUI when she was stopped for driving without her headlights.

Of course, if you’re caught with a low BAC (just a reminder, .08 is considered Intoxicated by federal guideline), you can go through a diversion program and come out without the DUI on your record, but it costs $400 and requires 24 hours of in-class time. So when you head out for a happy hour after work, be sure to take Metro home, or catch a taxi, because really, it’s just not worth the hassle. If the District is going to enforce lunacy (you can’t honestly tell me that .03 is impaired.) then they don’t deserve the beverage tax money after all.

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