Saturday, After Hours

After spending two hours watching an evil samurai slowly consumed by his own bloodlust, it was time for a little light entertainment. So of course since we were already dressed up for a night of Japanese horror, we decided to visit a goth-industrial club…

Though the overall goth-industrial club choices have significantly diminished over the years (it was once possible to go out dancing every single night of the week), what’s also diminshed is the vicious in-fighting and dominance by a single DJ. Which is fine by me, considering I can no longer go out every night of the week and my musical tastes have definitely expanded.

Chiaroscuro strikes me as one of the more friendly nights on this once-proudly closed and incestuous scene. Located at the Edge in SE, it’s a no-frills space with a large dance floor, a lounge, and an outdoor patio. We enjoyed rather bad cocktails and good people-watching at a little table off the dance floor. The floor staff was attentive, even getting us extra chairs when they noticed several of us hovering around the table, which was sweetly decorated in a decidedly un-goth fashion.

The people-watching is still one of the best reasons to go out to a club night like this. I was happy to see that the once-uniformity of dance styles (floating-armed goth girl or air-punching rivethead) has been blessedly replaced by everyone pretty much doing their own thing and wearing whatever (still predominantly in black of course, though there was a guy in white pants… shocking!). I’m not sure the Goth Goddesses of the Roxy would approve, but they’re long gone anyway.

However, the minute the DJ plays the Jackson Five (????!!!!), you know it’s time to go. Perhaps some things really shouldn’t change.

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  1. darpino (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 12:54 am

    That was a fun night. I don’t know what the hell that one DJ was doing tho! The music is usually much better than that guy.

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