Neighborhood politics…

Politics depress me. Not in a general, idealist, perfect-world sort of way, but in the way policy is now mostly hard-line opinions, sniping and arguing and insulting. Compromise is dead, I think.

Anyways, so in two days I’m leaving my job to work on a documetary project in Mount Pleasant. It’s where I live, and I think it’s a pretty amazing place. I also see significant changes coming in the next few years, and I’d like to document those changes and create a portrait of what’s there now.

So I was reading in the neighborhood’s online discussion forum, and the amount of political bitching is just off the scale, in my opinion. I know local politics get nasty, and maybe moreso for neighborhood politics, but an hour of reading has really depressed me. Damnit.

On a plus side, someone turned on the air conditioning in the building and we’re doing an after-work happy hour…

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