When The Newspaper Reads Like A Press Release

Taking a brief respite from the crazed existence that is my job, I sought refuge in the Washington Post’s website, hoping for something interesting, and found myself reading what read like marketing pablum and politician-speak. In the Taylor Behl case:

“The scope of this investigation has narrowed significantly,” Monroe said. He said police had “a very targeted focus.”

“I have the utmost confidence that we’re going to be able to resolve this case,” Monroe said.

But, what does that mean? There’s no depth there, no insight, no follow-up. No imagination or creativity. And I’m supposed to pay for the privilege of reading the dead tree edition?

Regarding the PSP Trojan:

Symantec’s announcement also notes that, by default, PSPs can’t even play any software beyond Sony-authorized releases — that is, you’d have to hack your PSP to allow this trojan to get on board.

Thank you, Washington Post, for some real hard-hitting reporting to rivet my attention this afternoon. How about you send me the press releases and I’ll just read them.

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