Monday morning…

The response to my “I’m quitting my job and working on my art for a while,” announcement was overwhelmingly positive — never before has unemployment been called such a noble endeavor. Part of me is a bit embaressed about it; while quitting was a leap, the real work is yet to begin. Part of me remains nervous, of course. But I can’t help thinking now that there are a lot of people out there who think about and want to make changes, but are either unable to, or believe they are. I got an overwhelming number of “I wish I could…” emails. There may be more value to this whole project than I previously thought.

Some of my work ( is currently showing at Bedrock Billiards, in Adams Morgan. It’s nice to see so much of it hanging in one spot, rather than simply posted to a web site or framed and propped against my living room walls. So far the response has been good. I’ve gotten a few inquiries about sales which I’m hoping pan out this week. But, as always, I’m trying not to count anything until the prints have been delivered and the check is cashed. The show should be up into mid-November.

Anyway, this past weekend was a great one. I joined some friends at (embaressingly) Bedrock for a happy hour Friday night. To be honest, I find it a bit odd to go there now that my stuff is on the walls. After several beers there we got empanadas at Julias and stopped in at Staccato for a bit. By the time I got home, nine drinks later, the whole evening started to get a little hazy.

Sunday I watched the Nationals play their last game of the season. It was a fitting 9-3 loss that came without dignity. We kept it tight until the end, when the Phillies got some hits and we replied by simply hitting their batters. The season ended, fittingly, with a Guzman strikeout, though it also ended on gorgeous day and with me standing in the interminable lines for one last italian sausage.

I was at RFK for the first pitch of the season, the last pitch of the season and a dozen or so games in between. I’ve never been a baseball fan, but it was tough to watch this season come to an end. Having a baseball team to follow was a new experience for me, and I think the team in general brought some excitement into the city. Despite the faltering finish, I’d call the season a huge success.

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