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Looking For a Quick Volunteer Opp? Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!

At this time of the year is the time that a lot of people think

Holy Crap Steve Case Resigned

Holy crap, Steve Case Resigned from AOL today. He’s the co-founder of America Online, the world’s most despised ISP (sorry Narni), and worth about sixty bajillion dollars, but he’s no longer working there. Folks, this is the end of an era, and an interesting day for DC-based AOL, perhaps this means they’ll find a CEO that’s not unwilling to talk about business in non-jargon terms. In his departing statement, Case said “Leaving Time Warner’s Board will give me a greater opportunity to grow Revolution, including avoiding any potential conflicts of interest as Revolution moves into new areas,”

I really do loathe the term “grow the business” as it apparently was invented by an MBA student with a pathetic understanding of the English language, and Case is no exception here. What is it with this town that spawns such horrid phrases?!

Gaming Seriousity

DC is playing host to the Serious Games Summit this week, which features discussion of “work” gaming, or in their jargon “non-entertainment gaming” including applications for healthcare, military uses, etc. Water Cooler Games is blogging the conference including this morning’s keynote about the art and science of Game Design. Looks like a spiffy thing if you’re interested in Real World Play and don’t mind the commute to the Crystal Gateway Marriott and shelling out $800.

“Doors closing, *ding dong*”

Riding the Metro can be a frustrating experience. There’s no denying that. However, following a week in which I drove to work in the city from Takoma Park, MD practically every morning for a variety of reasons, I am actually looking forward to getting back on the train tomorrow.

Next train…8 minutes?!? During rush hour? No problem. Just don’t send me back out on 295 with my stick shift in bumper-to-bumper traffic. “We regret any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.” You’re welcome! Take your time! As long as I don’t have to navigate Dupont Circle EVER AGAIN.

Besides, the Metro is a much safer place to grap a quick cat nap before work. That is…if I can find a seat.

So much trivia, it’s spooky

Monday pub quiz at Four Courts in Arlington goes on as usual on Halloween, except that they encourage you to dress up and will be giving extra prizes for the best costume.

Maybe you could dress up as James Joyce, the Irish writer who seems to be an answer in the picture round Every. Freaking. Week.

Charity + Shopping = Holiday Cheer

Via DC Lagniappe: Now is a great time to start your holiday shopping- the Care for Kids discount card is valid this week through November 6. For $50, you get a card that gets you a 20% discount at all sorts of area retailers. All proceeds from the sale of the cards go to Childrens Hospital to help provide medical care for needy kids.

Party Hard but Safe

As in years past, this Halloween weekend you’ll have the opportunity to party safely with a free taxi ride home thanks to WRAP. The Washington Regional Alcohol Program is sponsoring SoberRide. Running 8pm to 4am Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you can take advantage of this service and party to your heart’s content (and your liver’s ruin, natch!) without fear.

With cab companies in DC, Maryland, and Virginia participating with free rides home up to $50, it’s well worth the wait. Call 1-800-200-8294 (TAXI). The fine print? You must be 21 (d’uh) and you can’t reserve in advance. Other than that, party like a rockstar…

Weekend in Hell

Hopefully by now you’re figured out a costume, I gave you plenty of warning, but have you figured out your party location? I’m still doing a bit of a last-minute party shuffle, balancing proximity to home with expected talent levels with an inebriation variable that’s expected to be high.

While I was thinking house party, I think plans will change yet again. Party Slave, a DC promoter, is talking up their Weekend in Hell par-tay Saturday night at ZucchaBar. They’re are giving away 3500 dollars worth of prizes and a Half Price Bar 8pm-10pm with free admission if you RSVP. Or as they put it so succinctly:

Forget that 10, 20 or 50+ charge you pay for any other party. Why pay that for some lame party when you can rockstar with us, get in for Free and spend it on 16oz cocktails?

And it looks like I’m not the only one impressed by their promo. The Wash Post slapped their seal of approval with this write-up:

Every now and then, someone sends us info for an event that makes us scratch our heads and ask, “Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?” The latest in this category is a Halloween party at Zucchabar called “Bridezilla,” with cash prizes for the best “Bride from Hell” or “Bridesmaid from Hell” costume. It’s organized by PartySlave, which has promoted James Bond parties at Vida and Cafe Asia and the ongoing ’80s nights at Zucchabar. Besides half-price drinks from 8 to 10, the night promises wandering magicians, human statues, giveaways of vouchers and a $1,000 Mexican vacation from STA Travel, and way too much taffeta. – Fritz Hahn (Washington Post)

Banner Day in DC

At 2pm, Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Scooter Libby on 5 charges including obstruction of justice and perjury.

At 3pm, Mayor For Life Marion Barry goes before the magistrate on charges of tax evasion.

There’s a word for this feeling I’ve got, I think it’s schadenfreude.

Only in DC.

Anatomy of an underworld dealing

I guess the U-Street hood isn’t completely revitalized. While sitting in my car last night listening to an album finish before going into my buddy’s house to complete our bitchin’ Halloween costume I had the pleasure of observing the anatomy of a shady deal in gentrification land.

I was parallel parked between two cars on the right side of the steet. The left side of the street was free of cars. A tan sedan pulled up to park on the left. The driver sat there with his headlights off, as I was. I thought. I wonder what album he’s listening too? (for the record mine was “Homicidal Dolls” by Armageddon Dildoes). Anyway, the guy sits in his car for about ten minutes. Then a an old, burgundy conversion van speeds up and pulls onto the left side of the street about 4 car lengths ahead of the sedan. The sedan flashes it’s lights twice. An arm pops out of the conversion van window and frantically waves. Then the sedan speeds up and parks behind the van as two guys jump out of the van’s side door. They scan the street, look at me for a second, and get in the back seat of the sedan. They hurriedly do their exchange then the two guys jump out of the sedan, look at me again, and then hop back into the van and both cars speed off into the night. The whole thing took about 3 minutes.

I thought for a second that maybe I could be in a little danger having just witnessed that. I thought maybe the van could go around the block and pull up next to my car and pop a cap in me. But then I was quickly reminded of where I was as a mob of about 40 yuppies jogged down the street past my car and the spot where the deal had gone down moments before. Of course I was safe, this was the new U-street, all the renovation and business and influx of professional folk and marathon joggers has chased out all that pesky 80’s crime. Hasn’t it? Yeah, those guys were probably just finishing up a sweet real estate buy..

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