Lost Keys? Then Wonderland It

I love security-crazed DC. Not only do we have a limited access office building, we have special “fobs” to get into our offices. Fobs that not even the security guards have. Usually this would not be a problem, but when you leave your keys at work, it becomes a serious issue.

Add to it that I live in a limited-access building, where I have to wait for my housemate to return from NYC on the Chinatown bus before I can go home and I wind up at Wonderland Ballroom till midnight. Here I can find a second home. With an old-school jukebox, not some Internet-enabled modernity, I know I’ll hear Hendrix in a night. I’ll also see Buy a Vowel in her glory, and with the free WiFi, have an IM with my beer. Nice.

Best yet, right now it

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