GWU Sex Teacher Sacked Over Sack Shaving

Yes, I had far too much fun writing that headline. I don’t want to deprive you, though, of the same sort of fun, so if you have a more amusing headline, please, feel free to add it below in the comments.

George Washington University chose not renew the contract of Adjunct Professor Michael Schaffer after his class discussions in his Human Sexuality class got a bit out of hand:

Two of the spring evaluations, from women who took the course, said that the course was demeaning to women. One of the critiques, which specifically cited a class discussion on shaving pubic hair, threatened a sexual harassment lawsuit. That evaluation also pointed to the “look before you lick” advice that Schaffer includes with his comments on all students’ final papers as “a little humor to teach about safe oral sex,” he said.

Of course, he was only let go after two students threatened to sue the University for sexual harassment, and many of the students who have taken his class found it absolutely beneficial to their education, not predatory and harassing. Given that it’s a non-required course, I think GW may have acted too hastily. Check out the article, chime in below. Any students who have take Professor Schaffer’s course amongst our number?

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