Dan Snyder Tried to Bribe Interior Department

Sure, he owns the Redskins, which means he’s richer than God. Sure, he can fire players and coaches like it was nothing. But getting rid of some pesky trees? Not so easy for Dan Snyder, Washington’s richest dumbass:

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder offered to pay the National Park Service $25,000 nearly four years ago in exchange for permission to remove trees behind his Potomac estate, according to Interior Department documents released this week.

The Post managed to get ahold of Interior Department docs this week that shows that Dan Snyder offered the Perk service $25k plus a “general donation” which would be “unrelated” to his property four years ago. What he really meant was, I’ll give you 25 grand, plus Patrick Ramsey’s sire fees. Of course, he did get to cut those trees down last Fall, which sparked controversy across the city.

Apparently, however, the problem was that 25 grand just wasn’t enough money. Snyder’s lawyers and publicists, who I’m betting should be fired, given his rep in this town, say that it’s cost Dan near a hundred grand to do it instead. All because Dan wanted to see the river.

Silly Dan.

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