Bye Bye Wing Woman

I was reminded today about the demise of my best wing-woman, Terri. She was so great back in the day. When my wing-man Matt wasn’t around, Terri would pick up the slack in a spectacular way. After say, the second beer at the bar, she would say, “I’m bored, lets get you laid,” and head out into the crowd, sending hotties my way.

Terri never failed in her quest to find me loving, not that I always got more than a hello or maybe a number, but its her effort that I loved. She’d work her fine ass off for me. In return, I’d entertain her with stories of success and failure, and as I do, bitch about suburbia.

It’s sad to think that Terri isn’t such a wing-woman any more. Like the demise of my wing-man, she’s found love and is headed off to Cancun for a fall wedding. While I do celebrate her happiness, I’m sad at my loss. Terri was the wondrous wing-woman

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